You will find a form for callers & cuers that you can print and mail to us to get registered with American Caller’s Association! Including your ASCAP/BMI license fees. If you are a Line Dance or Country & Western Instructor, you can go to the C&W online registration form, print it off and mail it to us to get registered with American Caller’s Association! To print the membership forms requires Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer. Click here to download and install a free copy Certification The American Caller’s Association does not require its members to be certified however, certification is provided for those who meet the criteria. Many school systems require certification to teach classes and it certainly is an important entry in your resume’ when trying to book caller/teacher seminars. Contact the home office for details Printable caller/cuer contract Most asked questions about BMI/ASCAP AMERICAN CALLERS ASSOCIATION does not supply a list of our membership to anyone. We have always, and will continue to honor the privacy of our members and will not supply anyone with a copy of our membership. If you need to contact our members, do so through the executive offices at American Callers Association P.O.Box 2406 Muscle Shoals, Al  35662 ______________________________________________________________________ P.O. Box 2406 Muscle Shoals AL. 35662 PH 256- 383-7585- Fax 256-383-7583 A letter from our attorney concerning duplicating sound recordings